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Updated on 1st of Dec 2018 to Stable 19.0

The Temple of Torment is a classic roguelike set on a renaissance world invaded by the hordes of Hell.

Official website


It has all the real roguelike features:

  • Turn-based
  • ASCII and Tiles
  • Grid-based
  • Permadeath (can be toggled off too)

The game currently features

  • Sword & sorcery & firearms!
  • 15 classes!
  • Over 30 quests!
  • Static overworld!
  • Over 30 world map locations!
  • Over 60 levels large procedural main dungeon!
  • Over 100 items!
  • Over 100 monsters!
  • Mouse support!

Install instructions

This is a Windows game, but it can be run also on Linux with Wine.


TToTd20_Stable190.zip 4 MB


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Great job!



It says this game supports linux. But there's a windows executable in the download.


You can play it with wine.