Updated to Alpha 4

Change log:


    ! Major

    * Minor

    - Less than minor


    ! Overhauled spellcasting mechanics

    ! New Classes

    ! New Spells

    ! New Items

    ! Scrollable message log


    Bug Fixes, Mistakes etc.

    ! Fixed multiple outdated infos in Help texts

    * Boss health bar is aligned to the top instead of the bottom, fixing its location on taller resolutions

    * Willpower Rune had 'Perception' in its description

    - Spellbook had still the old '+' and '-' button icons for increasing/decreasing casting time


    ! Removed Point Buy system from character creation, attributes can be increased by special items received from killing bosses

    ! Help feature is better

    ! Name generation for characters, either generated randomly from 17th century European names, or by manual input

    ! Gender for characters

    * Removed Message Log screen because of the new scrollable message log in the main UI



    ! New Class: Poet; Luck based finesse melee class

    ! New Class: Monk; Melee / Prayer caster hybrid


    ! New Item: Lingering Memory; dropped by bosses, increases an attribute of choice

    ! New Weapon: Stiletto; a Finesse weapon, has higher critical hit chance than Dress Sword

    ! New Weapon: Estoc; a Finesse weapon, stronger than Rapier

    ! New Conduit: Prayer Beads; required to cast Prayers

    ! Conduits can be upgraded with Metal Shards and will increase Spell damage or duration at levels 2/4/6/8/10

    ! Equipment which allow casting spells become off-hand equipment to allow wielding weapons as well

    * Prayer spellbooks look different from Heresy spellbooks



    ! Spells are divided thematically into Heresies and Prayers

    ! New Spell: Dispel Magic; Prayer that removes all status effects

    ! New Spell: Bless; Prayer that increases all attributes by +1 temporarily

    ! New Spell: Fervor; Prayer that heals Health and Stamina over time

    ! New Spell: Aura of Hope; Prayer that decreases nearby enemies Armor Class

    * Enchanted Weapon becomes Blessed Weapon and is a Prayer instead of Heresy

    * Cure Wounds becomes a Prayer instead of Heresy



    ! Shops are refreshed by killing bosses

    * Metal Shards are no longer unlimited at the Smith, instead two can be bought until refreshed

    - Buying an item from a shop no longer rearranges the remaining items in the UI


    ! Message Log is scrollable

    ! New button for spellcasting which doesn't replace the melee attack button
    * Some better alignments for UI elements
    * Rest button moved to top UI row

    - Dropdowns have border graphics


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May 13, 2022

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